A college graduation gift should be a durable gift that fully commemorates the time a student spent at a university. A good college graduation gift will be personalized, attractive and will set the student up for furnishing their own first apartment. That is why poster art prints make such great college graduation gifts. At MykeCo, there are a large range of prints available from various universities so graduates can celebrate their achievement and decorate their new apartment at the same time.

MykeCo has a range of university prints available from both state and private colleges. These prints can be customized to the schools colors to show school spirit. They can be bought in sizes from 8 x 11 inches all the way to 20 x 24 inches. In addition, the graduate’s name, the city, state and the year they graduated can be added to make the graduate’s gift as unique and personal as possible. By getting a university print for a recent graduate, they will have a great way to remember their college career and probably one of the first peices of art for their new apartment. While there are many colleges available in the database, in the event the students college isn’t listed, MykeCo offers customized services to create the perfect college graduation gift.