My name is Myke Huynh and I am the designer and creator of MykeCo. I initially got started creating custom design prints on Etsy, making personalize poster art, including wedding trees for engagement and anniversary gifts. One day I was approached by a close friend who I had done custom designs for in the past. She was looking for a unique gift for a couple who was about to get married in Paris. I immediately considered the skyline of Paris and thought;

“What would be a better gift then to give the city that gave them each other?”

I created the design for the couple and it was extremely well-received. It was then that the Skyline collection was born.  I began to realize that there are couples out there who might have their own special places or landmarks. I decided to expand my collection to range of landmarks and skylines that anyone could use to remember a special point in their lives.

I understood how easy it is to develop emotional ties to a place. Growing up, I lived in 7 different states and have my own memories and experiences that connect me to each place. I started out with some of my favorite cities, and soon my skyline portion was outselling my other prints on Etsy.

From there MykeCo was born and in January 2012 I launched my own personalize poster art website As MykeCo continues to grow, its goal will always remain the same.

“Our goal is to bring our posters into everyone’s home, to mark a special place and time in their life.”